An on-premise migration project to the cloud is not always obvious, however more and more companies are tempted to opt for cloud solutions for the following reasons:

  • The cloud is often advantageous financially since it is a subscription that you can cancel more easily, even if your needs change, you can adapt the offer to which you have subscribed unlike an investment of a machine internal to your company.
  • Saving time is also one of the advantages of SAAS since maintenance is managed directly by your cloud provider.
  • You delegate part of your responsibilities and give way to the expertise of your trusted partner !
  • The apps and services you use in the cloud are accessible wherever you are if you have an internet connection

ErpLink can assist you to transfer all or part of your infrastructure to the cloud

ErpLink is the specialist for migrating your Microsoft Business Intelligence On Premise solutions to Paas services at Microsoft Azure (always 100% compatible with Microsoft Power Bi)

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