The Bi3 solution on Power Bi for Movex / M3 was created after the observation that in a management meeting, it was often difficult to verify the reports presented by the various departments. This difficulty came from the fact that figures were beaten by different users.

To answer this problem, the startup Erp Link, created in 2014, decided to publish a complete Business Intelligence solution: Bi3. The goal of this solution is to provide professionals with reports, dashboards and monitoring of the activities of the business highly oriented.

The development was done initially around the Infor M3 ERP (M3 comes from the Movex Intentia ERP which had been bought by Lawson then by Infor). Bi3 is now expanding to other ERPs.

The Bi3 solution now covers production, finance, sales, purchasing, logistics and inventories, also integrating the inventories of components and raw materials requisitioned for current production.

Bi3 allows all users, according to their rights, to access aggregated data with detailed information in a few clicks in various forms.

Relying on a Microsoft SQL Server solution, the restitution of Bi3 data is done as well with highly parameterized paginated reports as with Excel and pivot tables but above all with reports and dashboards on Power Bi available on PC , tablets and smartphone and accessible from anywhere.

In the company, there are different categories of users, Bi3 is made for each of these categories:

  • The departments representing 5 to 10% of users access in particular the results and performance dashboards on Power BI
  • Analysts representing 15 to 25% of users who need to “navigate” through data and thus prepare reports and dashboards access detailed data.
  • Employees representing 65 to 80% of users access structured reports in order to analyze operational results.
    Bi3 can be installed quickly and can also be used as a basis for creating additional specific reports according to the needs of companies.

Bi3 has become the ideal Business Intelligence solution with Power BI for companies using Movex / M3 ERP

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