The Cloud Suite for M3 version includes as standard:

  • A production and test environment
  • Document composer (creation and maintenance of documents and reports)
  • Document renderer (high speed bitrate to any output format)
  • Cloud printer (one-click activation)
  • Cloud reporter (supports all M3 reports, Adhoc included)
  • Service gateway (access to the service hub for extended micro-services or external integrations. Default email & local printing available)
  • Office hours support from France, for basic functions 24/7 support from Sweden or Sri Lanka.
  • Accommodation in Western Europe


  • Included in the suite for M3
    • Flow manager (output control and audit)
    • Business rules engine
    • M3 document package (complete M3 business document templates and reports)

Other optional services can be subscribed such as SMS/MMS, cloud archiving, EDI, secure file transfer etc…

More infos :

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