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From general information to detail with a single click!
Save by optimizing the management of your stocks, your customers and suppliers, your Manufacturing … Thanks to the Bi3 solution for ERP.

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Power BIThe objective of the Bi3 suite is to provide business solutions to all operational staff as well as all managers..

The Bi3 product facilitates access to information and its analysis. At any time we must be able to justify a number with a single click!

Specialist Bi in industrial environment supports its customers in the rapid implementation of decision-making solutions around ERP.

We propose a follow-up of performance indicators for the different modules (Customer, Supplier, Stock and Manufacturing). M3 customers have probably already built reports that meet a certain number of needs through the « Data Set » or the ERP statistics files.

Invoice and Order book Supplier Invoice Productivity
Order Entry Purchase Order book Manufacture Lead Time
Customer Service Supplier Performance
Stock Out Shipments Analysis  Customer Aged Balance
Stock and Wip  Supplier Aged Balance
Stock Obsolescence

Nevertheless, a certain number of collaborators must probably spend every day
query on operational activities and send them to Excel for analysis …
Knowing that some of these queries are very complex to achieve if we want relevant information for effective decision making. Bi3 delivers parameterized analysis states. Connectors made on ERP avoid query generation.

A data warehouse has been generated and multidimensional databases produced by business for rapid and varied analysis.


1 : Bi3 uses Microsoft SQL Server trademark technology