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Save money by optimizing the management of your inventory, your customers and suppliers, your manufacturing … Thanks to the Bisolution for ERP.

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Power BIThe objective of the Bi3 suite is to provide Business Intelligence solutions to all operational staff as well as all managers..

The Bi3 product facilitates access to information and its analysis. At any time we must be able to justify a number with a single click !

Bi3 is available in the Azure cloud but also ‘On Premise’ => in Licensing or Subscription mode

Bi3 uses Microsoft SQL SERVER and POWER BI technologies

ErpLink specialist in Business Intelligence in the industrial and distribution worlds accompagnies his customers in the incredibly fast implementation of BI solutions around ERP.

Bi3 is a single centralized data source that gathers data on all your business activities and your interactions with customers and suppliers. Bi3 can be enriched with dashboards and tailor-made indicators.

It is then possible to quickly spot performance hotspots and indicate where adjustments need to be made. Any resulting decision will be based on hard facts rather than guesswork or assumptions

The Bi3 suite includes 23 different modules with cubes, performance indicators, reports, and customizable and scalable Bi-Apps (see below).

Invoice and Order book Supplier Invoice Productivity
Order Entry Purchase Order book Manufacture Lead Time
Customer Service Supplier Performance
Time to market
Budget and Objectives
Stock out Expeditions General balance
Stock and WIP Expeditions to do General Ledger
Stock Obsolescence Warehouse activity Customer aged balance
Stocks Transactions Supplier aged balance
Excel dashboards (extract) : Bi-Apps :
Bi Apps
Margins tracking :
Power BI M3 Power BI Movex
Sales by Business Unit : Production  :
Report PowerBi
Supply Chain  PowerBi dashboards (extract):
Dashboard Power Bi

1 : Bi3 is built on Microsoft SQL SERVER and POWER BI technologies

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