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Productivity for Movex / M3

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In order to be able to make strategic decisions based on the company’s progress, it is important to be able to quickly produce relevant and personalized management reports.

ErpLink offers you a production monitoring module in two modules:

  • Productivity
  • Manufacturing delays

The productivity module allows:

  • Monitoring of attendance times compared to execution times
  • Compare time scales and real times
  • Tracking deviations on adjustment and labor times
  • Monitoring differences between accounting costs and actual costs
  • Monitoring of the quantities produced compared to the quantities ordered.
  • Compare range rates and actual rates.

Bi3 productivity is delivered like each module with:

  • Bi3 apps:
    • Productivity
    • Lead time manufacture
  • Restitution via Excel
  • Restitution via PowerBI

These modules improve productivity and customer service because they quickly provide a perfect understanding of production failures and therefore correct the data accordingly.

Bi3 Productivity is part of the suite Business Intelligence for Movex / M3

* Power BI is a service published by Microsoft

**Azure is a service published by Microsoft