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Need to refresh a test database, to know the number of records contained in the files, to know the structure of a file, to find which files use a given field, nothing could be simpler than with :

ErpLink ToolBox

Most companies to build up a test base do a backup of the production base and then a restore of the test machine.

This process is certainly simple but it has several drawbacks:

  • The used disk space is the same as the base production space.
  • There is a need to use some media to perform the operation

In general, test machines are less powerful than production machines, which impacts the response time.

With ErpLink ToolBox only transfer useful data’s, because testing new functionalities or new transactions does not require large transactions files.

  • Create a new test or development Database.
  • Transfer the entire production Database with restricted data.
  • Transfer only few files
  • Only clear target selected files
  • All combinations are possible

With ErpLink ToolBox you can repeat the operation regularly using an existing setup.

ErpLink ToolBox is also a data dictionary for your databases, both DB2 and SQL Server.

No installation, almost immediate ROI …

A trial version is available on the hub !


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