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Save money by optimizing the management of your stocks, your customers and suppliers, your Manufacturing … Thanks to the solutions Bi3 for ERP.

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In order to control your daily activities and avoid getting dissatisfied customers, you must be able to follow the important KPI business, such as stock level, supplier performance, manufacturing excellence and customer service. customer base.

ErpLinkbrings most of the indicators you need (and can build for you potential specific KPIs you might need above the existing one) through the Bi3  , a way to efficiently manage your supply chain.

Bi3 uses Microsoft SQL Server technology, so depending on user needs and permissions, you can display your metrics in different ways :

  • PowerBi
  • Excel
  • Paginated reports (via WEB portal)

The Bi3  suite of ErpLink is available either “on Premises” or on “private cloud” or on “public cloud “.

Stock Out Stock Obsolescence Stock level Stock Rotation
Purchasing order book Purchase order entries Supplier performance Performance with grace periods
Global customer service Customer service by country Customer service by seller Bi3 with Excel

Bi3 Cockpit Supply Chain is part of the suite BI for Movex / M3

* Power BI is a service published by Microsoft

** Azure is a service published by Microsoft