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Obsolescence : Analysis of the obsolescence of the stock on Movex / M3

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The objective is to follow the evolution of the inventory depreciation throughout the year and avoid a “big bang” at the end of the year, which risks completely changing the profit and loss account..

BI3 Stock Obsolescence pour Movex

Our method is totally configurable on the principle:

  • Dead stocks
  • Dormant stocks
  • Excess stocks

BI3 Stock Obsolescence pour M3

Our method can be applied retroactively and allows for as many simulations as necessary before freezing definitive% depreciation.
The analysis is multi-dimensional

  • Organization (company, institutions, warehouses, storage areas)
  • Products (5 levels of groupings)
  • Product Manager
  • Type of depreciation and dimensions above

Stock Obsolescence pour ERP

Stock Obsolescence is part of Bi3 Suite for Movex / M3