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Output Management

Most of your communication with customers and partners is based on the results of your business critical systems.

For example, your ERP (or other system) processes invoices, quotes, receipts, purchase orders and more, all of which are critical to your business. It is often difficult to transform the raw data that comes out of the system into impressions that highlight your company and brand.

There is a simple solution, ABC products.

Output Management as easy as ABC

Based on decades of experience in improving and managing documents output from your ERP (or other) through standard or custom software solutions. Accure has created a line of advanced cloud products under the Accure Business Cloud banner. Click here for more information on these products. You can visit our site, new ABC products are launched on a regular basis.

Company production management

All the Business Cloud Administration tools you need to manage, design and archive documents taken out of your ERP (or other).

ABC Document Manager

Manage and improve the production of your business-critical documents.
Both external documents (Invoice, AR, offers, etc.) and ERP reports (or other)

ABC Archive

Ensures secure storage and rapid recovery of all documents taken out of your ERP (or other).

ABC Market Manager

Creative tools and multi-channel distribution functionalities that turn documents output from your ERP or CRM into a powerful and flexible marketing tool.

Customer communications management

Automate, streamline, and shorten the way you interact with your customers, all in the Administration Business Cloud.

ABC Service Gateway

Rules-based, AI-based tool for effortless and secure multi-channel document distribution.

ABC Dynamic Cloud Print

Distribute documents or hard copy throughout your multi-site organization by accessing all printers through a single interface including from the Cloud.
With our unique cloud-based ABC product, the digital transformation of your business is greatly simplified. Save time and money, streamline your communications, securely archive documents, strengthen your brand with powerful document design tools, and more. All with simplicity and security.

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Output Management

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