Goal :
Finance Report Builder allows you to create financial reports and KPIs from a simple extraction of a balance. Once the matrices have been constructed, the calculations are immediate and can be performed as the construction of the report progresses.

Very intuitive and efficient at the same time. It allows an appreciable time saving at the end of the month when compiling the results. Indeed these reports are updated automatically throughout the month according to the desired periodicity.

The various calculations are stored with the matrix used for their constitution, which makes it very easy to find any anomalies or to find deviations


  • Reports are created intuitively :
    • Creation of the report header, we will indicate its content and how to use it
    • Creation of columns using predefined “Template” or starting from a blank sheet.
    • Creation of lines including formatting. 4 types of lines are planned
      • “White” line with or without wording allowing you to enter titles or left blank to ventilate the report.
      • “Detail” line to which the desired accounting accounts will be assigned
      • “Subtotal” line on which we will assign details lines or subtotal lines in order to obtain, as its name indicates, subtotals
      • “Total” line on which we will assign “subtotal” lines and / or detail lines. These lines represent in principle the grand total of the report.
  • Reports and KPIs can be viewed :
    • Via the application and with PowerBi

For more information or a demo do not hesitate to contact us