CloudSuite for M3 – Three pillars

Best TCO in the M3 output world
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Intelligent engine for mapping and layouts

  • ✓ Genius common inhouse XML for all output mapping
  • ✓ Standard design elements for all output
  • ✓ Rules & configuration instead of coding/scripts

Cloud proven technologies

  • ✓ Azure certified (born, developed & delivered in the cloud)
  • ✓ Natural extension of M3 CE with secure and fast Https connection to M3 CE
  • ✓ Continues delivery of new features

30+ years of experience

  • ✓ Founders of Accure former employees from Intentia/ M3
  • ✓ Over 20 years experience in Enterprise Output Management & Customer Communication Management
  • ✓ Document consultants and cloud specialist in Sweden & Sri Lanka and through partners globally