Accure Centralized Rule Engine

Orchestrate any M3 output rules to ACS for M3
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  • ✓ Enrich customer specific business rules (not only M3 rules)
  • ✓ Total control of any output (includes a holistic view of all active rules)
  • ✓ Flexible administration of all enterprise output rules without any programming
  • ✓ Full compliancy support

Cloud Native Multitenant (born, developed and delivered in the Cloud)

  • ✓ Global scale with high availability (uptime >99,5%)
  • ✓ DevOps optimization, versions of services deployed directly using CI/CD.
  • ✓ Full support for regional legislation rules e.g., for example GDPR
  • ✓ Security and compliance
  • ✓ Connections to SaaS platforms and on-premises data
  • ✓ Application templates (connection to extensive list of logical apps from Azure Marketplace)